Monday, January 28, 2013

Trailer Alert - Inside Llewyn Davis

As a movie/curly-headed siblings expert, the Coen brothers are pretty much the cream of the crop.  There's a miss every now then (so I'm told; I like all of their movies), but few are as consistently distinct and original.  Here's a trailer for their newest, Inside Llewyn Davis, after the jump.

Yeah... looks reeeeeeally baby boomerish.  Ugh, and I hate the 60s as much as I love the 80s (blasts Eminence Front, snorts speedball, throws hippy out window).  But seriously folks, this looks like a super fun time.  I mean John Goodman puking on a bathroom floor and Carey Mulligan talking about wrapping up a double-bagged d*ck in electrical type?

What, why're you looking at me like that?  How do you like to party?

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