Friday, March 15, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 Posters/Stills Revealed. LET'S SPECULATE!!!

So... Does double the Drapin' mean double the finger rapin'?
As seen above, Mad Men released their Season 6 poster and bunch of stills, and like any Matt Weiner project, their cloaked in ambiguity and symbolic hints.  Shall we?

So what can learn from the poster?

1.  Vertigo - That landscape's all sorta f*cked up.  Is it symbolic of the downward spiral our favorite anti-hero and friends will continue to careen down?!?  Probably.

2.  Two Drapers - Work Draper and Husband/Father Draper pass each other in the street giving one another the patented "Draper glance".  Will Don be further forced to choose between the family life he began to embrace in Season 5 and his old school whoring, drinking and down right awesome days?  Please choose the latter, sir.  You're my favorite fictional character to vicariously live through.

3.  The 70's are coming - Look at the that tie.  Ugh.  I mean it looks like someone swallowed a pack of Fruit Stripe gum and threw up all over it.  From class to ass.  As a debonair gentleman myself, I'm not looking forward to this inevitable degradation of high fashion.

4.  The Plane - I feel like this could allude to a number of things.  More travel?  We know the Drapers travel to Hawaii and I believe at least one another "exotic location".  The Mohawk disaster?  Though that looks like a commercial jet leaving LaGuardia and the Mohawk flight that crashed was a much smaller plane that departed out of Albany, one can't help but think that that event will be looming over the young firm during this season.  And of course the plane could be there to just fill space and make idiots like me speculate because we have nothing else to do with our lives.

5.  The Police - Remember when Don strangled the hooker a season or two ago and it turned out to be a dream?  Yeah, I'm not going to lie, I actually thought they had jumped the shark for a sec.  Anyway, like the plane, this one could mean a bunch of different things, but I would imagine the biggest and most obvious would be the authorities closing in on Don and his stolen identity.  That whole plot line is kind of like Walter White's cancer on Breaking Bad; kind of forgotten and very much in the background, but extremely important to the overall narrative arc of the show.

And the stills (with some commentary!)

Roger ashes in his martini glass because he is so much more of a man than you
"...and then he says, "Of course the blacks aren't allowed to use the elevator!  What is this, San Francisco??"
Meghan is looking veeeeeery Jersey Shore here.  I'm just sayin'...
Okay, more like Jersey Shore meets Morticia Addams
Color dichotomy!  It's symbolic!  I think!
"Trudy... Why the HELL are there JEWS at our dinner party?"
Now that, gentleman... is a beard
Is a comment really necessary?  Yeah, I didn't think so either.
"Can we help you?  No?  Good, now get out."

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